Is This Thing On - Episode 11

August 28, 2017

Jonathan sits down with "Uncle Jimbo", MCTV Treasurer Jim Robinson to discuss the history of PEG in Marshfield, what's changed since MCTV started and Jonathan's impression of Jim the first time they met.


Episode 10: Intern Takeover

August 23, 2017

Big loss last week for MCTV, when the staff had to say goodbye to a seriously stellar group of interns. Seemed appropriate to invite the now former High School Interns to a podcast, for their farewell day. The result: some fun, quality time and this mildly entertaining, positively silly episode of Is This Thing On.


Is This Thing On - Episode 9

August 14, 2017

The staff (Minus Leslie) talk about pizza, photo finishes, getting intro trouble and find out who didn't have hinges on their bedroom door!


Is This Thing On - Episode 8

August 9, 2017

To please their absent boss, the rest of the MCTV Staff gather to record another podcast that inevitably circles back to food, kind of. A perfectly pleasant discussion on bucket list items takes a dark turn when conversation goes from consuming crickets and licking slugs, to pig slaughters, and the chicken that got away.. then didn't. 


Is This Thing On - Episode 7

July 28, 2017

The staff wrap up July over Sushi and talk food, Mario Kart and an all ladies podcast


Is This Thing On - Episode 6

July 21, 2017

MCTV Executive Director Jonathan Grabowski talks to MCTV Membership & Outreach Coordinator Kayla MacDonald to talk about the time she met Taylor Swift, tattoos and how she came to MCTV


Is This Thing On - Episode 5

July 14, 2017

The staff talk about interesting experiences with members and the community and Mac and Cheese. Jen and Kayla talk about their experience being the hosts of the new episode of Beyond Ocean and Main and names are pulled out of the bag to find out who goes one to one with Jonathan on the next podcast.


Is This Thing On - Episode 4

July 7, 2017

No Leslie, no problem. Jen, Sean, Kayla and Jonathan find out which two staff members will be anchoring the next episode of Beyond Ocean and Main, talk about their best and worst summer jobs and talk about their biggest work blunders


Is This Thing On - Episode 3

June 29, 2017

The staff and Intern Emily talk about why there was no podcast last week, what's gone on at MCTV in June and answer some fun questions before a long weekend!


Is This Thing On - Episode 2

June 16, 2017

A Palmer free podcast as Jonathan, Sean, Leslie and Kayla talk about this current crop of MHS inters, past interns and their own internship experiences.