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Sara interviewed Abby Archer from Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and Woods Hole Sea Grant about the River Herring Network, when and where they each saw their first herring as kids, and the competitive and cooperative world of volunteer herring counts in Massachusetts.

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In this episode we discuss the restoration of town brook with David Gould, Director of Marine and Environmental Affairs with the town of Plymouth and Nick Wildman of the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration. please excuse the wind noise, we recorded the interviews out in the field. 

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In this October Halloween episode of The Estuarine Gradient, Sara is joined by special guest Niels-Viggo Hobbs to geek out over sea monsters, stranger than fiction marine animals, the use of marine creatures in sci-fi and horror, and H.P. Lovecraft, and to answer the question "How weird could a hypothetical sea creature get?" 

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The introductory episode of "The Estuarine Gradient" covers basic estuarine vocabulary, the water cycle, drought and streamflow, stormwater pollution, and answers the question "What is up with those algal blooms in Florida?" Come for the review of some basic knowledge, stay for the "limiting nutrient" chocolate chip cookies. 

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